Rock Steady Hair – Personal Services COVID-19 Requirements 


  1. Self-screen - Clients much self-screen for signs and symptoms of COVID-19 prior to arriving at the service location. 

  1. Guests should come alone - Clients should not plan on bringing other guests with them, unless they are bringing children younger than 16 for an appointment. 

  1. Wait to enter – Let me get the door to minimize germ exposure. Clients should advise personal service provider via call, email or text that they have arrived at the location for the appointment and are waiting for instructions to enter. Keep in mind that the shop must be completely disinfected before a new client can enter. I have allotted extra time for this between appointments. Your patience is greatly appreciated.  

  1. Face masks are required – Clients should put on the facemask prior to entering the building. Please be prepared to wash hands for 20 seconds or use hand sanitizer provided prior to service.  


Additional information: 

  • No lobby or waiting area will be provided at this time. 

  • No beverage service will be provided. 

  • Your service provider will wear a clean apron as well as provide each client with a clean cape.  

  • No hot towel service at this time. 

  • Payments encouraged through touchless system such as Cash app, Paypal or Venmo. Credit card processing will still be provided as well. POS will be santitized in between each use as well.  

  • No walk-in appointments at this time. 

  • Refusal to wear a mask can result in refusal of service.